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Offer to Newspaper Editors
coming to you from the birthplace of
Joseph Pulitzer.


"If a newspaper is to be of real service to the public, it must have a big circulation . . . " Joseph Pulitzer

Thank you for your interest in our Chickenology Encyclopedia. We would like to get the chickenology quotes to as many readers as possible and we need your assistance.   Publishing rights can be purchased from World English School, LLC.

You can help us in our efforts by publishing our " Chicken of the Week" and/or daily " Chicken Today" columns either in your regular printed newspaper or on your Internet pages.  These columns contain only original materials written by Ervin Nemeth and they should not be published without prior written (electronic or paper-based) consent.

" Chicken Today" is a daily selection of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" quotations from a famous person born that day and the following week's entries will be available via e-mail at least one week prior the time of supposed publication.

" Chicken of the Week" is a weekly selection of the quotes that are typically more related to the season or current events.

The publication of the
" Chicken of the Week" and " Chicken Today"
columns is suspended on our site due to
multiple illegal copies of original texts of the author
found on the Internet.

Please send in an e-mail inquiry for price quotes and availability.  Don't forget to tell us where you want to publish the column(s). You can send your e-mail to Ervin Nemeth.  Please, indicate whether you would like us to add  your newspaper to a list of papers running a " Chickenology Encyclopedia Column."

We reserve copyright, both US and international. Please, do not publish our materials without our consent.

We plan to publish the complete encyclopedia in a book as soon as we have sufficient funds.  Earlier versions of the site have been published twice on CD supplements of the computer magazine "Chip" in Hungary and they can be accessed in ZIP archives through our pages.

With the paper edition more graphics art will come, so that a more appealing chickenology column may be added to your publication.  Right now you can create your own graphics if you wish -- we would prefer, though, a plain text box with simple hairline borders.

Legal details (the small print):

  1. The above offer is valid until further notice.
  2. Free publication rights were granted until January 1, 2008.  In January 2008 we decided not to extend those rights any further and to start collecting fees (as we realized that we could not raise enough money from external sources for publishing the book.)  Supplying the materials to previous subscribers was stopped and we are sad to see that no one came back for the paid services.
  3. Without purchasing other rights, you may not publish the columns more than once -- for example, you are not allowed to publish a "best quotes of the month," or any such column without paying us.  If you run both paper and Internet versions the two are considered as a single publication - just like separate morning and evening editions on the same date.  Readers' letters -- including but not limited to message boards and forums -- are exempt from the multiple publication rule.
  4. You may not alter the text in any way and you must provide reference to the author, Ervin Nemeth, and the primary site of
  5. You should ask for an e-mail agreement form if you are interested.
  6. Mailing address for regular mail is:
    Ervin Nemeth
    Szegedi u. 7. I. 1.
    H-6900 Mako
    (No unsolicited advertisements, please.)
  7. Telephone number available upon e-mail request.

E-mail us by clicking the link below:

The Chicken Master

See some pictures related to Joseph Pulitzer in the hometown of the Chicken Master.