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To protect copyright, we had to remove all current content from the site except the regularly updated columns. If you return every day, that will total 366 daily quotes and 52 weekly quotes this year.  That can give you an idea of what the hard copy, Ervin Nemeth's Chickenology Encyclopedia-- due to come out in 2004 -- will be like.

In the encyclopedia celebrities, politicians, the greatest, the most famous and the (almost) forgotten try to answer, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"  Although many misconceive these entries as pure humor, or jokes, they are designed to educate -- they tell very important information about certain persons, their lives and ways of understanding our world.  If the entries make people laugh, that is all the better, isn't it? 

Thus, the Chickenology Encyclopedia would like to be yet another compulsory installment on the family bookshelf, right next to a volume of actual quotations or any sort of book of wisdom.  It took years to read biographical information, actual quotations, anecdotes, work by the quoted to compile whatever we have at the moment.  Some are better, some are worse -- you are to decide and tell us what you think. 

Please, send your entries or comments to:

The Chicken Master

The name Chickenology Encyclopedia as well as the Chicken Today and Chicken of the Week columns are original creations of Ervin Nemeth. Unauthorized publication of our materials is strongly prohibited. Check out the rules governing republication (click here).